My Work



CENTER, MASS. – TV Pilot – Horror (Co-Written with James Richard Janowsky, AVAILABLE)
A half-crazed vigilante recruits a brash detective to help save their sleepy New England town from a conspiracy of flesh-eating monsters in human disguise.

NEON – Feature – Action/Sci-Fi (AVAILABLE)
A hardened gangster risks her life to save a child from an evil corporation in a future where social media and surveillance are one and the same.

THE DYBBUK – Feature – Drama/Suspense (TREATMENT)
New York, 1960: A Holocaust survivor is forced to cover up a murder committed by his boss and threatens to snap under the pressure of his employer’s unrelenting torments.



The Amazing Ari – Twitch Channel, Host (2020-)
HTD&D: Qhoum – with Greg Titian from How to Drink, Main Cast (2019-2020)
Hi-Tech, Lo-Life – with Greg Titian from How to Drink, Main Cast (2020-)
Crime Is Up Podcast – Episode 3 – Jersey Devils Pt. 3 & Night and the City, Officer Desmond (2020)