A Post About Posts

TL;DR – weekly posts every Friday, starting this week.


I made this site back in October 2019, primarily to land paid writing gigs and transition out of working as a video editor. I got lucky, and I found work pretty fast.

Somehow I was surprised to learn that writing consistently every day to keep a roof over your head is demanding work. It’s also pretty scary when you see how little starting writers get paid.

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Alan Moore is Wrong About HBO’s Watchmen… For the Moment

[MILD SPOILERS for the Watchmen comic and show.]

October 27th, 2019. I squirm in my couch as Watchmen shows me a side of humanity I don’t want to see. I am thirty-two years old.

Ten years earlier I am leaving a movie theater angered, feeling as if something sacred has been despoiled.

It’s 2005 and I hold a copy of Watchmen in my hands for the first time. I am eighteen and I read it without knowing it would change my life.

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