About Me

I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, but have lived in NYC since attending the School of Visual Arts where I majored in film. Since 2010 I’ve made a living as a video editor, working in daytime television, indie narratives, and branded content. However, my passion has and always will be writing.

Starting in 2016 I have been the writer and editor at Offcut Games, an indie board game company. Our games have been funded successfully through Kickstarter and have been featured at prominent gaming conventions like PAX East, PAX West, PAX Unplugged, GenCon, IndieCade, DreamHack, and the Boston Festival of Indie Games. 

Since 2019 I’ve been writing features for Comic Book Resources. In 2020, I became a Twitch Affiliate and cast member in RPG actual play streams hosted by Greg Titian from YouTube’s How to Drink. As of 2021 I joined Greg as Co-Writer on select episodes of his series.

I have a cat.

I’m available for writing projects, content blogging, brand copywriting, livestreaming, and podcast appearances.

Shoot me a message to chat.