A Post About Posts

TL;DR – weekly posts every Friday, starting this week.


I made this site back in October 2019, primarily to land paid writing gigs and transition out of working as a video editor. I got lucky, and I found work pretty fast.

Somehow I was surprised to learn that writing consistently every day to keep a roof over your head is demanding work. It’s also pretty scary when you see how little starting writers get paid.

So I’ve been learning how to write a lot, quickly. Hopefully without looking like an ass. The work’s fun, but you are somewhat limited with how you can say things. Every publication or client has different practices and voices you must adhere to, and it’s pretty cool seeing how they work.

When I built this site I also had every intention of using this blog to do my own shit. Alas, to quote Bukowski, “my ambition is handicapped by my laziness”. It’s a fun line, but I’m done with that.

All of this is to say that I am gonna start maintaining this blog on a regular schedule. I’ll post weekly, aiming for Fridays.

This blog will be about whatever I feel like. Definitely covering film, TV, comics, and games– as advertised. But I couldn’t tell you what I’ve got planned.

All I know is that I am updating this blog every Friday, and I don’t have an editor here to tell me not to curse so much.

My blog, my rules. Things might get real fucking weird. I hope you enjoy.


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Ari David

Writer of things. Mostly Film, TV, Comics, and Games. Lizard person. Nerd.

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